*sigh* I just can’t seem to concentrate this week so far…

#1 – i dunno who’s playing Bach or Beethoven or whatever, but it’s really loud.
#2 – it was a long weekend, and i don’t feel like i got the chance to rest and renew after Annapolooza.

It was an amazing time tho. I loved seeing all our friends who we don’t see NEARLY often enough. It was really great to see Wendy and her preggo belly. She and Andy are so happy to become parents. Mike (aka @bigwax on twitter) was amazing as usual. I was just dissappointed that i didnt get to see his sister, brother or sister-in-law. Yesica is preggo too and due only 2 days before Wendy, kinda freaky when you know that Mike, Chris (twins) & Andy were all born on the same day. (altho, Andy is a year older i believe). Anyway, i was VERY happily surprised to see Liz & Meghan. I had so much fun. I wish we could all get together more often, but it’s hard since about half of them live in California. Oh well.