Thursday ~ September 20, 2007

OK…how did it get to be the end of September already!??!

School started on the 6th, then we had Rosh Hashanah so there were no classes on Thursday, and now we’re into week 2. 

I’m so tired right now, I feel like my eyes are all puffy and whatever.  I’ll be so happy when school is over and I finally graduate!  Then I won’t have to worry about this crap!  I’m almost there…9 more months…then it’s 5 months to the wedding and I’ll have all the free time in the world!  It’s crazy.  In only 12 and a half months, everything that I’ve been working toward for the last year or so will be over.  I won’t know what to do with myself!  Right now, I only see it as a relief.  I’ll actually be able to start dancing again, and maybe find a local theatre group to do shows with!  OMG!  What a concept!  An acting student who actually gets to act!  LOL

Well, I guess that’s all for now.  I’m gonna head out to lunch.