Monday – August 27,2007

Another Monday at work.  The first day of the last week of the month.  It’ll be busy so I’ll make this quick.

Last week (8/18/07) we met with the Pastor at South Salem Presbyterian Church and finalized that we will have our ceremony there.  I absolutely love Pastor Nadine.  She is so sweet and easy to talk to.  She said that she would email us some questions that she wanted us to think about that we would go over in our next meeting.

Once we were done there we went across the street to see Megan and also to set up the rehearsal dinner.  Vic had told me that he wanted it at her restaraunt.  I think that’s a great idea.  The food is really great and the atmosphere is very cozy and homey.  It’s a good match for us for the rehearsal. 

Since our wedding is on Sunday we decided to have the rehearsal on Friday night rather than Saturday (also because the church is used for Catholic mass Saturday night).  We decided that Saturday will be a day to rest before the big day.   I think I might try to set up a spa day with the girls and my mom and Angela.   I’ll call Epidavros to see if they have a group rate or something.

Well, that’s all I have time for now.  The phone will probably stary start ringing off the hook pretty soon seeing as it’s almost 11.

 Till next time.